Somehow I found myself looking for a place to go for a little hike in late October. All the leaves had already fallen but the weather has been exceptionally nice this fall. I packed up a couple of cameras and headed out towards Morris Conservation Area. I had scouted out a little trail that looped around a little Island right on the Ottawa River.
On the way I drove through a little village called Galetta. My eyes popped a bit when I saw that red farm building with the letters falling off. I quickly pulled over and took a few shots before noticing the "do not trespass" sign! I didn't really want to get into it with anyone and hopped back into my car and headed towards the conservation area. I am happy with the shots and the boat sitting in the big empty space somehow seemed fitting for this Ottawa Valley scene.
It was a really nice hike that looped around to the river. The trail was completely covered in leaves and I found myself walking off the trail and getting a bit turned around a few times but all in all it was a good afternoon!
Jeremy Shane Reid

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