First up we have two shots of the same subject. I think this was the beginning of me trying to frame things up front and centre, trying to keep things symmetrical and balanced. The second one is off centre a little bit and I can’t decide which is the stronger composition. Next up is a side view snapshot of the same subject. After that we have an old industrial building framed up in that symmetrical style.
The Marvelville Community Centre is just east of Ottawa and I used to drive by this all the time visiting my parents. Accompanying that is what I like to call an “anomaly or glitch” with a split frame double exposure. The Civic Pharmacy is a bit of an iconic sign here in Ottawa and has been well documented over the years. Two side notes about this corner building; One my old family doctor’s practice was in the top level of this building. Secondly I happen to live a few minutes walk from here right now. Lastly we have a quick snapshot of my old friend Eric strumming his guitar in our short lived art/photo studio downtown on Bank Street so so many summers ago!
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